The Mission
of Decisive Threads

Decisive Threads Corporation is a consulting team that helps small businesses with customized solutions. We offer our expertise, resources and time to help your business succeed.

Our mission is to redefine the ventures of emerging companies through custom-tailored solutions and strong partnerships.

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Craft the Future Together

Based in Toronto, Canada, our team helps small and medium-sized enterprises with customized plans and resources to redefine your business. When a business needs a new strategy, Decisive Threads is there to help.

We provide bespoke industry and technology solutions to heighten its clients' capacities to meet today's shifting business challenges. Whatever business objectives you pursue, the DT team will provide the critical insights to support you grip the challenges.

Strategy and business plan development

Future growth opportunities

Technology scouting and market trending

New product and service development

Vendor scouting and business process outsourcing

Executive search and recruitment

Founder coaching and advisory

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Insights to Action

Our consulting services do not just boil down to supplying iconic examples and past cases. What we care about is forming a technically sound and achievable solution that brings measurable performance.
Our approaches are diverse, flexible and powerful. You want to discover the right fit for your business – and we can help. 

At Your Service

Do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you require an answer to a specific challenge or just want to learn more about what the Decisive Threads team offer.

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